Summer Fun Activities for Wheelchair Users

Summer is here and Mobility4Less wants everyone to enjoy as much it as possible, no matter what mobility issues you may have. Here are just two of the many activities that people using wheelchairs and walkers can enjoy.

Wheelchair user gardening

Gardening is one of he many activities wheelchair users can do

Going Fishing: There’s something about fishing that draws people of all ages and backgrounds. Maybe the communing with nature, maybe it’s the tranquility or maybe it’s the thrill of the catch, but whatever your reasons are to love fishing, Mobility4Less thinks that everyone should have the chance to get out there this season, especially wheelchair users.

Fishing is a sport that requires more arm and hand strength than anything. There isn’t a lot of walking or moving around once you find “your spot” and get settled. State and county parks usually have docks and accessible areas to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. If you require adaptive fishing equipment, there are many types available through suppliers on the internet. There are devices that allow a person with limited grip or the use of one arm to cast and reel. These devices are usually quite affordable. This fishing equipment designed for use with a manual wheelchair or power wheelchair or mobility scooter. 

Check with local parks to see what is available. Many states and counties have lower cost or free  fishing licenses available.

Working in the Garden:  Working in the garden and getting your hands dirty while making something beautiful is a hobby that is great for men and women of any age. Just because you may have mobility issues is no reason to not get out there and nurture your green thumb.

Wheelchair and walker users can enjoy the garden safely and more fully with the use of raised beds and container gardens. DIGA, the Disabled Independent gardeners Association has a whole group of people that can offer ideas, support and events to gardeners with physical challenges or limitations. Special hand tools and garden implements are available to fit almost every need.

Gardening can be done almost anywhere on a very small or much larger scale. Many communities have spaces that are designed for greater accessibility and adaptability. If your town doesn’t have one, talk to your local government officials to start one. Gardening is great exercise, keeps a person busy all season, can literally bear fruit (or veggies) and can be shared with people with or without mobility issues.

How can having the right mobility equipment from Mobility4Less make your summer and your life better? Contact us today.

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