Advanced Layaway Program (ALP) with Buyback Option

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  • You can use your product immediately, don’t have to wait until you pay it off in full.
  • No credit checks.
  • You pay in five equal  installments. (For example; if the purchase price is $2,000.00 than you pay $400.00  five times)
  • Free shipping applies, same as on a regular order.
  • No interest charged on the purchase.
  • You may return the item after 12 months for Buyback and receive a refund up to 95% of the selling price.
  • Pay only 10% of the purchase price for administration costs.
  • Available on selected products.


  • Valid ID
  • Proof of income (paystub, bank statement etc.)
  • Bank account
  • Credit or debit card
  • Funds for 10% of the purchase price, and for the first payment

How it works:

  • Order online and choose “Advanced Layaway Option” on the Order page
  • Submit your information and documentations
  • Pay the 10% initial payment
  • We ship your order and email your tracking number, and you pay the first installment
  • We debit your account automatically for the next payment in 30 days , or the same day of the month on which the item was shipped out


  • Items cannot be returned for any reason within 12 months.
  • This program cannot be cancelled after the initial 10% is paid.
  • Available on selected products.
  • No excuse can be used for not paying installments. If there is any problem with the order, the standard Policy’s stipulations are enforced except for the seven days return.
  • Buyback option is available for customers without any payment issues.
  • Disputes will be handled according to the company’s arbitration policy.
  • The customer understands that any non-payment will constitute a larceny (since the item is at the customer’s location without payment), and therefore his/her local police department will be notified to enforce the law.