Classic Electric Dutch Cargo Tricycle

Model:  Classic Electric Dutch Cargo Tricycle  CET-36

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bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

Your electric cargo tricycle can come with either the brown or maroon color basket, depending on availability.

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

A cargo bike is a bike designed to carry more cargo than just the rider in the front or back of the bike. Thanks to the extra cargo space, a cargo bike can allow you to transport multiple kids, pets, adults, and, well, cargo all at the same time.

Cargo bikes usually accommodate a larger age range for their passengers, allowing you to transport babies, kids, and adults, therefore extending the life of your bike longer than a bike trailer or baby seat.

Cargo bikes are perfect for families. They allow for multiple kids to ride together with an adult and engage with the world around them at the same time. You can have a conversation with your kids, play music, eat snacks, and keep an eye on what is going on in a way you cannot while driving. The kids are also next to each other and can engage with each other differently than they can while confined to their car seats.

The bike is great for families who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint too! We’ve hauled kids, adults, groceries, backpacks, and a dog in our cargo bike.

With an electric-assist on your bike, you can peddle uphill no matter the cargo weight. The electric-assist adds power to your pedals, allowing you to go farther for longer and faster, which might result in you using the bike more. It gives an extra push at stoplights when you need to move quickly to keep up with the flow of traffic.

You can use it as a regular tricycle; simply just pedaling (good for exercise), or you can use it as a scooter; with the motor power only, or you can pedal it while using the motor at the same time!

No License, No Registration required!

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

Your electric cargo, dutch-style bike comes with the following features:

– hand brakes with the parking brake, bell and controls on the left side of the handlebars

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle


– hand brakes with the parking brake, shifter, LCD display, throttle and control buttons on the right side of the handlebars

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

– lockable, high-powered lithium battery

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

– disc brakes on the front wheels

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

 -high quality cranks

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

 –  gears

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle


– spacious cargo space with the removable seat and seat belts

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

– adjustable handlebars

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

– rear light wheels with the parking brake and reflectors

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

Motor: 500 watt brushless rear hub motor or 1250 Watts with the PowerBooster!

Battery: 36v 10ah Li-ion with LG cells in a removable pack

Display: LCD display indicates current speed, trip distance, pedal assist level and battery power
Pedal assist: 5 levels of pedal assist
Speed: Up to 20 mph using battery power only (top speed adjustable)
Estimated Charge Time: 6 hours
Estimated Min and Max Range: 25 to 50 miles
Frame: Aluminum alloy
Tires: Kenda front 20×1.75 inch, rear 24×1.75 inch
Rims: Double wall aluminum alloy
Brakes: Front disc brakes, rear v-brake
Crank: Alloy 170mm 38T
Gears: SunRace 7 gears
Handlebar: Faux leather
Saddle: Faux leather
Pedals: Wellgo aluminum alloy
Carrier: Aluminum
Cargo box: Multiply wood, 36′ x 25″
Net weight: 125 lbs
Loading capacity: 350 lbs
Min. seat height from the ground: 32″
Max. seat height from the ground: 41″
Rear rack: 18″ x 6″
Total length: 85″
Axle to axle: 57″
Total height: 40″ – 44.5″
Step-over height: 7.5″

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle


bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

bunch ferla bike electric family cargo trike tricycle

Why should you purchase from us?
  • we’ve been in business since 2001
  • we provide you parts and unparalleled service
  • we offer you the highest quality products
  • your satisfaction is our utmost priority
  • we deliver to your door without the middle-man

Warranty: it gives you the peace of mind that your tricycle comes with the one year warranty.


(Previous Price: $4,965.00 + $350.00 S&H)

Order Yours Now for

Only $2,799.00 and receive the Promotional Free Shipping Today at our factory price!

Optional PowerBooster to get the 1250Watts: $389.50


Optional Extra 2-year extended warranty: $75.00

In the Netherlands, it’s hard not to be impressed, or even overwhelmed, by the sheer number of bicycles in all forms, colors, and sizes. People here see cycling as a normal mode of transportation, not just a weekend leisure activity. The Dutch use their bikes to carry groceries, electronics, and sometimes even furniture. It’s not uncommon to see a parent biking with one child up front, another one in the back, and a third one cycling on his or her own, the parent’s hand on the back for guidance.

But for the Dutch, the bicycle is more than just a mode of transportation; it is also a status symbol. And nowhere is this more visible than in the case of the bakfiets—Dutch for “cargo bike” (literally, “box bike”).  This mode of transport has become particularly popular among highly educated, urban, two-income families.

It hasn’t always been this way. Before cars and cargo trucks were easily available, cargo bikes carried people and their goods, such as milk, potatoes, and meat. Painters, construction workers, and cleaners used them for work. During that time, the bakfiets was associated with poverty because they were cheaper than cars. But now, cargo bikes are seen as a sign of upward socioeconomic aspiration in Dutch cities—along with the gentrification that accompanies it.

The resurrection: the true Cargo Bike
And this is now actually happening. While the nostalgic transport bike is still the source of inspiration for one after another fashionable bike, and while the handy models do the children and the groceries, a new species is evolving rapidly: the true cargo bike that cannot be simply translated into bakfiets anymore; it should rather be vrachtfiets (freight bike). The cargo bike stands out from its predecessors like the giant gorilla does from the other primates. Again someone had a brilliant idea with the Long John: Put the rider in the mountainbike position, make the bike lighter, tougher and faster, and voila, the Bullitt was born. Many couriers fell in love with the design. The Bullitt marks the beginning of the revolution, taking place in pedal-powered logistics.

There is a vibrant European community of passionate designers and enthusiastic producers who inspire each other during the annual International urban logistics conference and cargo bike festival in cargo bike capital Nijmegen. While visitors admire and try out the latest two-, three- or four-wheeled creations from across Europe, professionals discuss the latest in urban transport logistics in European cities which, especially outside the Netherlands, are struggling with environmental and quality of life challenges. The cargo bike designers offer solutions. The trend is electric and large. Most new models are electric two-wheelers, with ever thicker tires, tubes and batteries. Existing models (Bullitt, Urban Arrow, Nihola, Velove) are being extended, raised, and widened. Pretty soon the cargo bike is inseparable from the reinvention of urban logistics systems.

Thousands of Happy Customers cannot be wrong!

The best model in class for sure.

The best model in class for sure.

We are absolutely in love with our F Family Bike! During the quarantine, our family was looking for a way to get more active with our kids (5 y.o. And 7 y.o.), while they all are at home. Frankly, I was looking f I or many other options mostly for the same price, however,  they was offering the best model in class.

We fell in love quickly. We were not sure about the color and accessories we want our bike to have, but a friendly manager, taking into an account precisely our case, advised us to purchase exactly what we needed. Information given on their website and provided from the managers is extremely clear. We had never dealt with purchasing a cargo bike, however, anytime I was confused, customer service was always there for me. As a result, we have our amazing  Bike that we use everyday since then. Only because of that purchase we started to spend more family time all together with my wife and kids, walking and riding our bike around our neighborhood and not only. Thank you for that opportunity!

Ronny B, New York , NY

Great Family Bike!

Review by Jeff on 21 Jan 2021review stating Great Family Bike!

We purchased this family bike for my wife and our 2 kids, the whole family has been loving it. Our kids look forward to going out on adventures, it is great for cruising and great for trips to the store. The bike has plenty of room to fit 4 larger kids.
Steve D, Phoenix AZ

So fun and useful!

I got my bike because I don’t drive and I needed a way to get my infant daughter and toddler niece around on trips that are too long for the stroller.

But…while I may have gotten it for utilitarian purposes, the girls like it so much they want to ride around just for fun! We use it to go to daycare, the playground, to haul stuff back and forth between the two houses, and just for joyrides to see the neighborhood! The e-assist is more than enough and kids love to wave to us. One of my favorite parts is that the girls can see the world going by so much better than they can in a car!

Mary R,  Orlando, FL

We Really Enjoy It!

I recently had the pleasure of testing out the Dutch Family Cargo Bike, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations in terms of speed, ease of use, and comfort. As a parent who values convenience and safety, this cargo bike provided an exceptional experience for both me and my family.

First and foremost, the Dutch Family Cargo Bike proved to be impressively fast. Its design allows for efficient cycling, and I found myself gliding effortlessly through urban streets and bike paths. With its sturdy construction and powerful gearing system, I was able to maintain a good pace without exerting excessive effort. This was especially important when carrying heavy loads or when facing uphill sections of my commute. The bike’s speed and agility made it a joy to ride, and I appreciated being able to reach my destinations quickly while still enjoying the fresh air and exercise.

Ease of use is another standout feature of this cargo bike. Its ergonomic design and intuitive controls made it easy for me to maneuver through tight corners and navigate busy streets. The cargo box itself has ample space for children, groceries, or other cargo, and loading and unloading items was a breeze. The low step-over height and adjustable seats ensured that my kids were comfortable and secure during the rides. I was also pleased to find that the bike was equipped with a reliable braking system, providing me with peace of mind and ensuring the safety of my precious cargo.

Comfort was not compromised in the design of the Dutch Family Cargo Bike. The bike’s frame and suspension system absorbed bumps and vibrations, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable ride. The adjustable handlebars and saddle allowed me to find the perfect riding position, reducing strain on my back and shoulders. Moreover, the padded seats in the cargo box were exceptionally comfortable for my children, and they appreciated the opportunity to relax and enjoy the ride.

In terms of durability, the Dutch Family Cargo Bike proved to be well-built and capable of withstanding regular use. Its solid construction and high-quality materials gave me confidence in its longevity, ensuring that it would be a reliable transportation solution for years to come. The bike’s components were also easy to maintain, and I appreciated the thoughtful design features that made basic upkeep and repairs straightforward.

Overall, the Dutch Family Cargo Bike is an exceptional choice for parents or individuals looking for a fast, easy-to-use, and comfortable mode of transportation. Its speed, intuitive design, and smooth ride make it a pleasure to use, while its durability ensures its long-term value. Whether you need to transport children, groceries, or other cargo, this cargo bike will not disappoint. I highly recommend the Dutch Family Cargo Bike to anyone in need of a versatile and reliable means of getting around town with the added benefit of carrying a significant load.

Amanda F,  Seattle, WA


Fun Fun Fun

Let’s start with the delivery experience. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the Electric Family Cargo Trike arrived at my doorstep. The company’s efficient shipping process ensured that the trike was promptly delivered, and it arrived in perfect condition. This level of promptness and attention to detail reflects the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Speaking of customer service, I found it to be exceptional throughout my entire purchasing journey. The company’s representatives were knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive, addressing all of my queries and concerns in a timely manner. Their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that I had a positive experience solidified my trust in the brand. It’s refreshing to see a company that genuinely values its customers and provides exceptional support.

Moving on to the trike itself, I was impressed by how user-friendly it is. The Electric Family Cargo Trike features intuitive controls and a well-designed interface, allowing me to quickly familiarize myself with its operation. The electric motor provides a smooth and powerful boost, effortlessly assisting me during rides. Even when carrying heavy loads or traversing uphill terrain, the trike maintained a steady and reliable performance. The inclusion of a throttle option further enhanced its usability, allowing me to easily control the speed without exerting excessive effort.

Comfort was a top priority for me, and I’m pleased to say that the Electric Family Cargo Trike delivered in this aspect as well. The seating arrangements were spacious and comfortable, ensuring that my children and I could enjoy long rides without feeling cramped or fatigued. The trike’s suspension system effectively absorbed bumps and vibrations, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride even on uneven surfaces.

Sumann L,  Colorado Springs , CO

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