ihelp for the Fat Tire Electric Tricycle FT-1900

1/ Open the shipping container:

2/ Install the wheels. As shown in the pictures, the wheels are different for the left and for the right side.

The square axle and the square wheel hub opening must be paired.

The round axle and the round wheel hub opening must be paired.

3/ Remove the round end-pieces from the axels then put the wheels on

4/ Install the round end-pieces back to the axels to tighten the wheels

5/ Slide the cone-shaped cover onto the stem of the handlebar

6/ Insert the stem into the frame

7/ Open the cover to gain access to the screws which you will use to tighten the handlebar. You can set the handlebar to your comfort by moving up and down or back and forward.

8/ Before installing the front wheel, you need to put the front fender and the light on

9/ Install the front wheel. Make sure to postion the safety washer as seen in the picture, with the nip facing downwards then tighten the nuts.

Make sure that the disc brake is positioned correctly between the calipers.

10/ Plug the electrical cables together with the two arrows facing each other. One end is from the front wheel's hubmotor, the other is from the controller

11/ Insert the seat pole then tighten it to your height and comfort

12/ Install the pedals by making sure that you pay attention to the correct side. One is marked with "L" for left side, the other is with "R" for the right one.

(which one is the right or left? once you sit on the trike you can determine, otherwise you will ruin the threats)

13/ Install the rear storage box. First remove the four screws then place the basket in place, finally put the screws back and tighten them

14/ Install the rear light