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Will they notify me of the shipping date?


What is the average shipping time?


Can I overnight the shipping?


Will my product arrive fully assembled?


What should I do if I need service?


Can I redirect the shipment to another location?


Can I modify my existing order?


Why cannot I see the charge on my account?


Why didn’t I  receive my confirmation number?


I ordered over 18 days ago and still haven’t received it, why?


I received my order but some parts are missing (charger, book etc…)


How can I return my product?


Why was I charged when I never authorized the purchase?


Why did I receive a bill from the shipping company?


What is my tracking number?




I need some help on my

–  electric cozy tricycle

electric fat tire tricycle FT-1900

electric fat tire trike FT-1900X

electric Sonnybike

electric eTravelbike

electric scooter EMS-48

electric scooter GTX-L

electric scooter GTX-L Cadillac

electric scooter Mobile-Trend

recumbent tricycle ERT

Scoot-Buddy electric wheelchair

electric Handcycle

– electric Dutch style cargo trike manual

electric Dutch style cargo trike display

– Power-Buggy scooter

electric Ice Cream Trike manual

electric Ice cream trike display

– electric scooter LuxuryTon

– electric fat tire tandem bike

– electric fat tire recumbent trike

– lightnfold wheelchair




I need parts for my electric trike (cozytrike)

I need parts for my cozybike

I need parts for my EMS-48 scooter

I need parts for my GTX scooter



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