Electric Wheelchair-Cycle

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Freedom-Cycle DXM-36

Electric Powered Motorized Cycle for any standard Mobility Wheelchairs. (this is what you’ll get)

Now on Sale. Starting at only $1,199.00.

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It converts your present manual wheelchair into a motorized wheelchair! (that’s your own wheelchair with the new Freedom-Cycle)

It’s a must for those who demand a real freedom!


I recently purchased a wheelchair – cycle for my son’s wheelchair.  He was born with CP (spastic dysplasia) so he is unable to ride any kind of bike.  This wheel chair cycle gave him the freedom that he has been wanting for 14 yrs now.  (Check out the video…he’s trying not to smile ?

Thank you!!

    • Converts your manual wheelchair into a 12 mph speed machine!
    • Go the distance with a high-capacity battery that lets you travel over 15 real-world miles (24 km) on a single charge.
    • Get there quickly with a powerful and quiet hub motor that climbs the hills for you.
  • Remove the strain from your shoulders, maneuverable, easy to control direction even on side slope.

Why is this Electric Powered Cycle  a better investment than any other on the market? 

1/ This Freedom-Cycle gives you a real freedom by attaching it to your existing manual wheelchair.

2/ It is equipped with a high-tech Alloy suspension and a Quick release to attach it to your wheelchair with ease.

3/ Also included; a lithium lightweight battery and a super charger to fast charging.

4/ The electric cycle comes equipped with a disc brake to ensure an excellent stopping power.

5/ The Intelligent assistant system with magnetic technology to provide outstanding safety standards that you can rely on.

6/ Easy access to the battery charging terminals.

7/ The speed can be controlled from zero up to 12 m/h by the twist controller on the handlebar.

8/ The front light and integrated horn add an extra layer of security.

9/ Safety First! In order to get power, the freedomcycle has this extra safety feature. The safety screw must be inserted as shown in the picture when attaching it to your wheelchair.10/ LCD 005 Display, level 1 for forward, level 2 for reverse.

11/ Hand brake with safety lock to prevent any accidental movement when the chair is parked.12/ All Season Use:  you are glad to know that you can enjoy your wheelchair all year around.

13/ Warranty: it gives you a peace of mind that your scooter comes with a one full year warranty.

14/ Convenient Shipping. We deliver your electric wheelchair to your door and not to a freight station.

Power: 350W  (750W with the PowerBooster)

Material of Frame : Alloy Aluminum

Handlebar:  YABO, Quick release design ends

to wheelchair easy handling, can suit almost

all types wheelchairs universally.

Motor:   8FUN brushless hub motor

Battery : 36V  18650 2.2F  Cell SAMSUNG

Lithium cell Charger: 42v 2A SANS, 50/60HZ,

110V~240V A/C input

Charging time, 4~6 Hour

Wheel: 16″ X 2.125

KENDA road tire,  Alloy rim

Brake :  Hand brake, TEKTRO Disc brake

Throttle :  WUXING twisting.

Reverse Gear:  Yes.

Display: LCD display, level 1 = forward,

level 2 = reverse,

level 0 = stop. & Speed/Range/Battery capacity

Max. speed:  12 m/h limited.

Driving range : 15  ~ 20 miles per charge
depending on road condition, driver weight & driving habit.

Front light: LED front light with Horn integrated.

PRICING: (Previous price $2,395.00 + $75.00 S&H )

Order Yours Now for Only $1,199.00 with Lithium battery + charger with a Free Shipping Today!

Available Color: Silver

Optional Extra  extended warranty: $75.00

 3 sold in last hour

I don’t know about the person who said he had a better one fabricated for $2-300.00 I would like to see it first and if so help people out and sell them. Because I recent got mine and it is awesome. Great brake system and programming. Has an Odomiter and speedometer. You can unplug the kind of Governor on it so it will go from 6 to 10mph safely. Also had a reverse and all you do it hold the red button while you rotate the throttle along with a nice light that you operate by pushing the yellow button next to the reverse button. Also detaches by quick release buttons for safe and easy transfer while one half pulls away from other half. The engineering that went into this was great for those in chairs that have issues pushing do to strength or shoulder surgery like myself. Much better than wheel assist or rear wheel assist. It is a 5 stars for me. I love it. Beware of people who make it sound easy to manufacture because gauranteed they won’t be around when it’s time to warranty anything they say they can make for cheaper. I must be right since this thing is so back ordered. Went to National Veterans wheelchair Games where I saw a lot of other Veterans who have them and love them and now I kno why.

Thomas K, Baytown ,TX

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