Fat Tire Electric Tandem Bicycle

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The Fat Tire Electric  Tandem Bicycle: The FTETB- 750



Why Ride A Tandem?

Riding a normal, single-rider bicycle is a very rewarding experience, but a tandem bicycle adds a whole new dimension to cycling. Different tandemists choose the long bike for different reasons:

  • A tandem allows two cyclists of differing strength and ability to ride together, pleasurably. The faster rider doesn’t need to wait for the slower one; the slower rider doesn’t need to struggle to try to keep up with the faster rider.
  • A tandem turns the basically solitary, individualistic activity of cycling into an mutual experience that may be shared by a couple.
  • A tandem allows handicapped people who couldn’t otherwise ride a bicycle to share in the joy of cycling.
  • A tandem can allow a parent to share cycling at an adult level of speed and distance with a child.
  • A tandem is the ultimate rush for cyclists who enjoy the sensation of high-speed cycling.



The new Fat Tire Electric  Tandem Bicycle offers style, dependability and performance unparalleled by other electric tandem bicycles.


Correct Basic Starting Technique, Single or Tandem:

  1. Stand astride the frame, both feet on the ground.
  2. Rotate the pedals so that the pedal for your less skillful foot is 45 degrees forward of straight up.
  3. Put your foot on the high pedal, then press down hard. This will simultaneously:
    • Let you use the pedal as a step to lift yourself high enough to get onto the saddle…and:
    • Apply driving force to the chain, causing the bike to pick up speed.



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Your electric tandem bike  comes with an LED headlight, perfect for night rides and provide amazing visibility.

It also features an advanced shock absorber to give you a very smooth ride.


Gear selector (may have a different shape) is located in a comfortable and easy to access location on the right handlebar.

The Odometer using an LCD display (may have a different shape) that indicates speed, battery level, speed setting indicator and trip distance.

The speed is controlled by the motorcycle-style twist throttle. Here you can find the shifter, horn lights and other controllers.


Powerful yet compact battery in a easily accessible location. The battery also locks in place using a key making it safe from theft.



Adjustable Seat and handlebar to your height. The bike has a side stand to store it in an upright position.

In this picture, you can see the disc brake, the rear  rack and the fat tire.




Motor: 750W  or 1200W with the PowerBooster

Battery: 48V/14.5 Li-ion Long-lasting Quality Battery
Charger: 100~240VAC-DC 54.6V2A UL
Display: LCD SW900USB
Light: LED
Frame: 6061 al alloy T6
Fork: alloy Lockout
Handle bar/Stem: Alloy adjustable
Brakes: Disc/disc
Tires: 26*4.0 KENDA
Gears: SHIMANO 7-speed
Max.speed: 20mph
Distance(PAS):35-45 miles
Load capacity: 500 lbs 


Warranty: it gives you the peace of mind that your bicycle comes with the one year warranty.

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Your product comes with the factory warranty, plus you have access to the National Repair Company (NRC) to provide you with exceptional home repair services in the continental US. nrclogosmall


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“Love this bike it will take me anywhere I want to go. This is my transportation. The bike gets 2nd looks and “cool ride” everywhere i go. It is very powerful and will take me up any hill I have tried. recommend this for anyone.”

Barbara S . NY.

  “This item is well-made and working great. This is one motorized item that does not require an operator’s license to ride on the streets of a small town; thus, it worked perfectly for my aging father who no longer has a license. This gave him back some independence, boosting his spirit. I recommend this product!”

Barry Z. Long Beach, CA