LuxuryTon X-1000 4 Wheels Electric Mobility Scooter

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The scooter can be fitted with the black color panels for only $349.00.

It comes with the lockable storage instead of the wire basket as standard option at no extra cost.


You are now looking at your future electric Luxury mobility scooter powered by the most powerful electric motor available on the market today!

Soon you will realize that the 1000 Watts motor (and the 1500 Watts with the PowerBooster) is simply the Best to get you anywhere humanly possible.

This fun-to-drive electric mobility scooter features front and rear suspension for a smoother ride, while 16” pneumatic tires allow you to drive effortlessly over varied terrain.

The PowerTon X-1000’s  fully adjustable large captain’s seat is one of the most comfortable seats around, and it holds up to 450lbs!

An easy to read LED console shows estimated speed, mileage, and battery display for easy navigation.

A full LED lighting package delivers exceptional visibility with directional turn signals, brake lights, and ultra bright headlight with both rear and side LED running lights.

Dual rear-view mirrors allow you to see what’s behind you, while the electromagnetic hand-braking system ensures safe braking. Also, the sturdy front steel bumper protects you from the unexpected.

  • Speed: 18 mph maximum speed
  •  Range: Up to 45 miles per charge
  •  Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
  •  Brakes: Front Disc Brakes
  •  Tubeless Tires:  Yes
  •  Executive Seat: Fully Adjustable Seat, Rear Tilt & Adjustable Tilt-Up Armrest
  •  Seat Dimensions: 18”x18”x28” (LxWxH)
  •  Electronic Package: Digital Dash, Front & Rear Lights,  Brake Lights, Turn Signal’s, LED Rear Light Strip & Side Reflector Running Lights
  •  Suspension: Front & Rear Spring Suspension
  •  Bumper: Heavy Duty Metal Bumper
  •  Rear Storage Box: Yes
  •  Steering Height:  42” From Floor
  •  Turning Radius: 73”
  •  Motor: 1000 Watt Brushless Motor or 1500 Watts with the PowerBooster
  •  Batteries: 60 Volt, 20 AH
  •  Wheelbase:  40”
  •  Dimensions: 63”x28”x42” (LxWxH)
  •  Floor Clearance: 4.5”
  •  High/Low-Speed Switch:
  •  3 Setting Adjustable Speed Control Switch
  •  Tire Size: Front & Rear 16” Tires
  •  Charger: 60 Volt Smart Charger
  •  Throttle Type: Twist Throttle
  •  Key Start: Yes
  •  Scooter Weight: 260 lbs
  •  Battery Indicator: Yes, Digital
  •  Warranty: Three Year Limited

Not only can this scooter provide you with superior weight capacity, but it also has a fantastic ride quality. This is due to the Next-Generation front and rear suspension . You can ride up to 45 miles on a single charge.

That is the longest travel ranges you can expect to find with any mobility scooter.

If you live in an area that has multiple types of terrain or if you travel often to places you will happy to learn about the tires. They are 16″ pneumatic tires. This is advantageous over smaller tires that are not pneumatic. Speaking of traveling, you will be riding in a captains seat which is both large and adjustable. This means you will have the ultimate ride while traveling to your destination. A comfortable seat that is adjustable when combined with front and rear suspension is the perfect combination.

You will enjoy an LED console which estimates the speed at which you are traveling along with how far you have traveled.

Worried about running out of battery? There is no need to be worried as you can look at your battery display.

The LuxuryTon X-1000 incorporated the latest in lighting technology. The electric mobility scooter comes equipped with a full LED lighting package. This allows not only for you to see extremely well in dark conditions but also allows others to see you which is just as important. You will enjoy directional turn signals, brake lights, and even a headlight. This is not a standard headlight either but a very bright one for your safety.

You will be happy to learn that there is a sturdy steel front bumper which can help protect you along with the disc brakes used in automotives.

Want to know what’s behind? Your electric mobility scooter comes with the built-on reverse camera an no additional cost to you.

Look at the pictures and you will find this scooter superior to any other on the market!

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The large lock-able storage box provides you with plenty of storage space.


The Next-Generation superior shocks make this electric scooters the King of All Others.


Digital display to ensure your complete control and advanced safety with the horn, turn signals, lights, review mirrors and so on…


Heavy-duty wheels to hold you with ease


Cup holder and storage at your fingertips.


Convenient charging with its off-board 110V US charger


Styles, fast and strong electric mobility scooter to get you over any types of terrain.


Take the Risk out of your Online Purchase!
Your product comes with the factory warranty, plus you have access to the National Repair Company (NRC) to provide you with exceptional home repair services in the continental US.


PRICING: (Previous price $3,199.00 + $150.00 S&H (with lead-acid battery)

Order Yours Now for Only $1,999.00 and receive Free Shipping Today and a full Three Year Warranty!

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Available Color: Red


Your Purchasing Options:

Electric Scooter with Lead-acid battery: $1,999.00

Electric Scooter  with Lithium battery: $2,399.00 (gives you a three times longer lifetime!)

Optional PowerBooster to get the 1500Watts: $289.50

What’s the PowerBooster?

NEW! You can choose the PowerBooster to get the 1500 Watts Power for only $289.50! This option can be added on the order page. It cannot be added to your scooter after it has been shipped.

Why this PowerPackage?

It will not increase the speed or the range of your scooter but it will add extra power to it. It feels like driving a 8-cylinder car instead of a 4-cylinder, that extra power comes in handy uphill or when pulling/carrying something with the scooter!

Optional Extra  extended warranty: $75.00

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