m- 2019 Extra Heavy-Duty EMScooter Adult Electric Scooter

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The only scooter on the market designed for both On and Off road!

No license or registration required.

The fastest and most comfortable three wheels electric mobility scooter on the market today.

This is NOT your typical Mobility scooter!

This is a fast and powerful scooter.

Why is this Electric Scooter  a better investment than the other electric scooters on the market?

1/ This mobility scooter is a 3 wheel high-power mobility scooter using a transaxle brushless electric motor for best performance.

2/  It can go both in ad outside which makes it easily the best mobility scooter available.

3/ For your safety, it also comes with a wheelie bar to prevent tipping backwards. (some series do not have this feature)

4/ Also included; a reverse gear, armrest and stylish cargo rack in either black or white.                  

5/ The electric scooter comes equipped with two rear shock absorber on the frame to make riding your scooter on grass, dirt and uneven surface possible.

6/ The E-ABS brake assistant system with  brake and reverse switch provides the safety standards that you can rely on.

 7/ Your electric mobility scooter has a state-of-the art shock absorber and the high quality drum-brake.

8/ Easy access to the battery charging terminals.

9/ Adjustable backrest for added comfort.

10/  The seat moves back and forth to ensure enough legroom for everybody.

11/ Large compartment underneath the foldable seat. To make sure your belongings have a safe place to travel with you. It is lockable.

12/ The adjustable armrest for even more comfort.

13/ The speed control adjuster for the first time riders. We recommend that you turn the knob to the minimum at the first time. Your scooter may come with a different technical solution such as a switch.

14/ All Season Use:  you are glad to know that you can enjoy your scooter all year around. The electronics are sealed, so rain or snow will not matter at all.

15/ Warranty: it gives you a peace of mind that your scooter comes with a three year warranty.

16/ Convenient Shipping. 

We deliver your electric scooter to your door and not to a freight station (supposed the truck can access your home)

Take the Risk out of your Online Purchase!

Your product comes with the factory warranty, plus you have access to the National Repair Company (NRC) to provide you with exceptional home repair services in the continental US. (www.NationalRepairCompany.com)



PRICING: (Previous price $2,600.00 + $150.00 S&H (with lead-acid battery)

Order Yours Now for Only $1,849.00  and receive Free Shipping Today, a full Three Years Warranty and the extra comfortable seat with the adjustable headrest + the following optional items Free of Charge (you do not have to choose these because they are shipped with your order, depending availability):

  • Free Electronic Alarm System
  • All season high-performance tires
  • High-performance battery
  • Free Heavy-Duty rear basket
  • Free home charger
  • Free car charger/inverter
  • Free head & rear lights
  • Free cup holder
  • Free cane holder
  • Free safety flag
  • Free side/arm bag
  • Free three years warranty


In Stock: 3

Available Colors:  Red, Blue, Orange, Black, Camouflage, Silver

Your Purchasing Options:

Electric Scooter with Lead-acid battery: $1,849.00

Electric Scooter  with Lithium battery: $2,249.00 (gives you a three times longer lifetime!)

Optional PowerBooster to get the 1500Watts: $289.50

What’s the PowerBooster?

NEW! You can choose the PowerBooster to get the 1500 Watts Power for only $289.50! This option can be added on the order page. It cannot be added to your scooter after it has been shipped.

Why this PowerPackage?

It will not increase the speed or the range of your scooter but it will add extra power to it. It feels like driving a 8-cylinder car instead of a 4-cylinder, that extra power comes handy uphill or when pulling/carrying something with the scooter!

Optional Extra  extended warranty: $75.00

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Don’t have money but want to reserve our low price and the free shipping?

Get Financing or Put it on Layaway!


Main Technical Parameters:

POWER: Electric, with the charger

WATTS: 950 Watts with 1.28 HP

MOTOR TYPE: Transaxle differential brushless motor


VOLTS: 48 Volt

DIMENSIONS: 61 x 29 x 41

These are the palletized sizes! The scooter fits through all doors and fits on standard size ramps and trailers as long as your lift or trailer has a minimum size of 46″ in length and 24″ in width !

BATTERIES: Lead acid maintenance free battery or Lithium battery  (as you choose on the order page)

TIRE SIZE: 16 x 2.5, with two small rear wheels, safety prevent flip over

CHARGER: Smart charger included


DISTANCE: Up to 45 miles per charge (distance varies by riders weight , terrain, road surface etc.)

THROTTLE TYPE: Variable speed control- Twist Throttle


BRAKING SYSTEM: E-ABS brake system, with park brake, with reverse switch

DRIVE SYSTEM: Brushless motor


CARTON SIZE: Shipped on a pallet


NET WEIGHT: 200 lbs





SHOCK ABSORBER: Two rear shock absorber on the frame

ELECTRONIC ALARM SYSTEM: To keep the bad guys away.