m- Mobile-Trend Folding Electric Scooter

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The Mobile-Trend MT electric mobility scooter

This electric scooter was designed with you, as the customer in mind. Featuring so much benefits to you that it makes this scooter the Best three wheels foldable electric scooter in the market today that can be ridden stand-up or in sitting position, anywhere without requiring any license or registration!

The scooter shown with the optional rear basket and the front band brake. Yours will be equipped with the newer and stronger front drum brake and the dual rear disc brakes to provide you with the best stopping power!

Airline Approved with the Lithium battery.

Why Should You Choose Our Scooter?

1/ This mobility scooter is a 3 wheel high-power mobility scooter using a brushless electric motor in the front hub for best performance. It means that you do not have to grease, check or adjust it ever!

2/ On the right side of the handlebar, you can easily access the speed controller. It can also be installed on the left side if need it.

3/  For your safety, it also comes with a rear light and not just a reflector.

4/ The scooter is equipped with a quality LCD front light.

5/ The electric scooter comes with the reverse switch to make your turning and backing-up an easy maneuver.

6/ The brake levers are on the handlebar. Both the front and the rear ones.

7/ Your electric mobility scooter has a state-of-the art  instrument panel showing the charge of the batteries, etc…

8/ Easy access to the battery charging terminals. You will not have to spend time finding it every time you want to charge your new scooter.

9/ Easily foldable engineering to save your time. It is a breeze to put your scooter in the trunk of your car!

10/  The dual rear disc brakes just adding more safety to your new scooter.

11/ Electronic horn on the left side of the handlebar of your scooter to let people know that you are coming…

12/ The key-operated ignition system gives you full control over your scooter.

13/ Convenient parking brake. You can park your scooter on any hill without any problem.

14/ Convenient Shipping. We deliver your electric scooter  to your door and not to a freight station.(supposed the truck can access your home)

This scooter can be ridden with or without the seat, as shown in this photo:

Take the Risk out of your Online Purchase!

Your product comes with the factory warranty, plus you have access to the National Repair Company (NRC) to provide you with exceptional home repair services in the continental US. (www.NationalRepairCompany.com)



(Previous price $1,699.00 + $120.00 S&H)

Order Yours Now for Only $1,299.00 with SLA batteries and receive Free Shipping Today and the upgraded Off-road front tire!

In Stock: 3

Available Colors: Red,Blue

Your Purchasing Options:

Electric Scooter with Sealed Lead Acid Batteries:  $1,299.00, comes with the charger, battery, mirror, lights and the large seat.

Electric Scooter with Lithium Batteries:  $1,499.00, comes with the charger, battery, mirror, lights and the large seat.

(Difference: the Lithium battery would last for about 8-9 years, the lead acid for about 3 years)

Optional PowerBooster to get the 1500Watts –  standard power is 750Watts: $289.50

(It does not add extra speed or distance but it gives you extra power which is very useful when carrying something or going uphill. It cannot be added after the product has left our factory)

Optional Extra  extended warranty: $75.00

Optional alarm: $58.50

Optional rear basket: $69.50

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