Model: PowerRollerDeluxe        

with Speed Controller

The first auger-type electric cigarette roller machine with a special speed controller.

Many times with the standard auger rollers the tobacco was cut into small portions causing it to fall out of the paper. With this revolutionary new machine, you can control the speed of the auger depending on your favorite tobacco type.

It’s So Easy to Use!

1/ Unpack the machine.

That is the density controller of the machine. You can set it to your desire of how firm the cigarette should be

2/ Plug in the machine to your regular 110V outlet.

That is the unique speed controller for the auger. Other auger-type rollers tend to chew-up the tobacco which can result in the tobacco falling out of the cigarette paper causing burns and other non-pleasant experiences

3/ Put tobacco  in the hopper

4/ Press the tube lever and pull the cigarette roll on the filling tube

5/ Press the Start button and it will engage the auger which fills the paper

6/ Here is your own made cigarette



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Payment Options:

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“It’s pretty rare that I write a review, but I had to in this case because of how satisfied I am with this product.

First just a little back history here. I’ve been doing the RYO thing since 1998. My first machine was a Premier Supermatic which is a big metal hand crank injector I used for about a year. Unlike a lot of other people that have nothing but great things to say about that machine, I was never truly happy with it. No matter how I would pack the ends of the feeder, I always had trouble getting the end near the filter filled completely. I never mastered that machine. Now I’ve discovered the SuperPackerLE and I can’t stress enough how awesome it is! It really is a dream machine for me. As long as you pack the ends of the feeder good, your cigarette will be perfect end to end. It’s pretty hard to make a bad cigarette with this. In fact I really had to put some effort into it to get a bad smoke out of it. I haven’t jammed it yet, not to say it won’t happen someday. I think you really have to be feeding a ton of tobacco into it to do that. Just get the ends packed well, but don’t over pack the middle and you’ll be very happy with the results. You just have to find the middle ground. A lot of the times it feels like I haven’t packed enough in, but the cigarettes come out great. It’s not hard and if you’re new to RYO, you’ll get the hang of it quick. This machine is worth every penny and I’m very pleased with it. It’s the best injector I’ve used and I hope the company keeps making these for many years to come. It’s quick and I never knew RYO cigarettes could be this easy to make and so perfect!”

Anthony R. Houston, TX

“Today I received my Cigarette Rolling Machine thanks to your most generous help.   The world needs more people like yourselves.  The machine is wonderful and after a little more practice, I should be able to roll quality cigarettes.”

Thanks Again, Stanley B. LA

“This item works as advertised. It took a few tries to find the correct amount to use with out overloading it, yet enough to fill the tubes. I find the shag cut works wonderfully with this machine. No problems being a first time user. Would purchase another.”

Samantha R. PA


These electric cigarette roller machines were designed with this purpose in mind: to save Money (on cigarettes) and  Time (versus manual rollers) for our Valued Customers”

Are you tired of buying cigarettes at $6-$8? Make your own cigarettes to save $$$ with this advanced and easy to use machine (easy to read instructions included).  Makes a pack of 20 cigarettes in minutes.

A pack of cigarettes will typically cost you around $1 or less for your own brand now depending on what kind of tobacco you use!

It’s a must-have in our current economy!

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Other sellers tell you to send you machine to the manufacturer.
But where is that manufacturer???
We are here in Connecticut, USA.
We simply send you a free replacement ourselves.
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