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Model:  Professional Electric Ice Cream Tricycle  EIC-36

Here comes a perfect solutions for your vending business to generate a steady income for you!

You can use this vending tricycle to serve ice cream, frozen foods or even any other types of foods.

It comes with an electric motor powered by a high quality Lithium battery so you will not sweat in the sun but you may also pedal your new trike if you wish so.

You can use it as a regular tricycle; simply just pedaling, or you can use it as a scooter; with the motor power only, or you can pedal it while using the motor at the same time!

No License, No Registration required!

The freezer has sliding tops (or opening hard top) to keep the cold in and the heat out. It also has its own battery to keep the goods cold for about eight hours and after you can recharge it with the electric charger that simply plugs into a regular  110V outlet.

Motor: 250 watt (or 750 watt with  the PowerBooster) brushless rear hub motor
Battery: 36v 10ah Lithium battery with LG cells in a removable pack
Display: LCD display indicates current speed, trip distance, pedal assist level and battery power
Pedal assist: 5 levels of pedal assist
Speed: Up to 20 mph using battery power only (top speed adjustable)
Estimated Charge Time: 6 hours
Estimated Min and Max Range: 25 to 55 miles
Frame: Carbon steel
Tires: Kenda front 20×1.75 inch, rear 20×2.125 inch (or 24×1.75″)
Rims: Double wall aluminum alloy
Brakes: Front disc brakes, rear v-brake
Crank: Alloy 170mm 38T
Gears: Sunrace 7 gears (or Shimano 6)
Handlebar: Faux leather
Saddle: Faux leather
Pedals: Wellgo aluminum alloy
Carrier: Aluminum
Freezer Capacity: 41 Gallons
Temperature: 6℃/21.2℉~-6℃/21.2℉
Battery: 12v 80ah storage battery
Weight: 175 lbs
Working time: Around 8 hours
Bike dimensions: 96(L)*36(W)*38(H) inches
Exterior Freezer dimensions: 32.3(L)*23.6(W)*31.5(H) inches
Interior Freezer dimensions: 30(L)*16.5(W)*21.5(H) inches
Refrigerator with 12V 80A storage battery can last up to 8 hours without charges
Umbrella included in purple or black color, whichever is available.
 This is a photo of the top of the freezer with  the sliding doors.

Warranty: it gives you the peace of mind that your tricycle comes with the one year warranty.

Take the Risk out of your Online Purchase!
Your product comes with the factory warranty, plus you have access to the National Repair Company (NRC) to provide you with exceptional home repair services in the continental US. (

Now, we have them with the black umbrella and the sliding glass door with sink included.


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Electric Ice Cream Tricycle

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